16gm N2O Charger Adapter

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16 gram Nitrous Oxide Charger Adapter 

This easy to use 2 piece charger holder will allow you to use our revolutionary 16g chargers with any existing 8gm dispensers on the market! This will allow you to have the choice of 8gm or 16gm application w/any 1 or 2 pt Dispenser. (Cannot be used with a 1/2 Pt Dispenser). To Use just insert the 16g charger in the holder, connect the 2 pieces together and twist on your dispenser ! No other equipment necessary!

The image shows the adapter on a metal head and is for demonstration only. The adapter is black, that is what is for sale here. DUE TO SANITARY REASONS... If you ordered this in error, we cannot refund you.